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Protect Critical Networks from Cyber Threats

MetaDefender is used by organizations that require the highest level of security, including critical infrastructure, government agencies, and financial institutions, to enable a secure way to get files in and out of an organization, and prevent cyber security threats.

Maintaining isolated or air-gapped networks is challenging, due to stringent uptime requirements, regulations, and the risk of malware introduction via portable devices and media like USB drives and cell phones. In 2015, an attack on Ukraine’s power grid left 700,000 people without power. How can critical infrastructure facilities ensure that malicious files stay out while still allowing portable media devices to be used?

MetaDefender enables you to create a secure end-to-end process for transferring files to and from your critical networks.

25 percent of malware (malicious programs) is spread today through USB devices.

Source: United States Computer Emergency Response Team

Secure Data Workflow Solutions

MetaDefender Kiosk

MetaDefender Kiosk is a checkpoint for detecting and stopping security threats before they enter an isolated network. The Kiosk can be deployed at strategic locations throughout your organization where employees or guests may be entering with USB drives or other portable media that could contain malicious files.

MetaDefender Kiosk can leverage any of MetaDefender’s core defense technologies but also includes product specific features such as User Interface (UI) localization, data diode integration, digital certificate signing, and file hash verification. MetaDefender Kiosk is used by the vast majority of US nuclear operators, making MetaDefender the leading hardware-based portable media detection and file sanitization solution for the US nuclear industry.

MetaDefender Client

MetaDefender Client protects endpoints in your organization from USB-based threats. Portable media can be scanned and sanitized using MetaDefender’s industry-leading threat prevention technology, supplementing existing antivirus and endpoint protection. MetaDefender Client can also verify the digital signatures that MetaDefender Kiosk has applied. This saves time and ensures that only files signed by the Kiosk at the  perimeter can be used by the endpoint.

MetaDefender Vault

MetaDefender Vault is a protected network storage location that can sit anywhere on your network without requiring any hardware, and can be used with MetaDefender Kiosk for storing checked and processed files. The solution enables the transfer of secure files into and out of isolated networks, without the need to transport portable media into a facility. Guests or users can access all certified and checked files from MetaDefender Vault while leaving all USB drives at the perimeter. Checkpoints across isolated networks can be established strategically for visibility, audits, and malware prevention wherever necessary.

Our MetaDefender kiosks give us the added confidence in our ability to help keep our network malware-free. With the multi-scanning software provided by OPSWAT, we don’t have to rely on definitions from a single antivirus engine to catch every threat [...] the kiosks have proven highly effective in protecting our systems.

Ed Koeller
Security Analyst, Ameren

MetaDefender Solutions

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