Advanced Email Security

Protect Your Organization Against Advanced Email Attacks

Email borne threats are still slipping past sandboxes and email security solutions, even those offering ‘advanced email protection’. MetaDefender Email Security leaves no room for error by scanning each email with up to 30 anti-malware engines and removing all potentially harmful content from the email body and attachments. With MetaDefender Email Security you can safely rely on the highest possible protection against known, unknown and zero-day threats.

In 2016, two-thirds of all malware was installed via email attachments

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) 2017

Close the Email Security Gaps

Stop Email Attachment Attacks

Even though most companies have email security solutions in place, in 2016 two-thirds of all malware was installed via email attachments. Recent tests of Office 365 show that 10% of malware was missed by built-in Microsoft security. MetaDefender Email Security prevents malware in emails by using data sanitization technology, also known as Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), which removes all potentially malicious content from email body and attachments, ensuring full usability with safe content.

Detect and Identify Threats

Most email security solutions use three or fewer anti-malware engines and often fail to detect threats. MetaDefender’s multi-scanning technology offers up to 30 anti-malware engines using signatures, heuristics and machine learning for the most comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats. Multi-scanning improves detection of known threats to nearly 100% without affecting the performance of email servers.

Protect Any Email Environment

MetaDefender Email Security can be deployed with on-site mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange, as well as any hosted email service such as Office 365, G Suite mail, and hosted Exchange. MetaDefender works with any secure email gateway, including Forcepoint TRITON AP-EMAIL, Cisco IronPort, Proofpoint Email Protection, FireEye EX Series, and more.

MetaDefender Email Security

OPSWAT’s MetaDefender technology makes it easy to integrate multiple engines into one complete service for the most comprehensive email protection, without needing to worry about managing multiple anti-malware feeds.

Joel Smith
Co-founder and CTO, AppRiver

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