MetaDefender is a cyber security platform for preventing and detecting cyber security threats across multiple data channels.



MetaDefender protects organizations from cybersecurity threats to data coming from a variety of sources, including the web, email, portable media, and endpoints. The concept of MetaDefender is as follows.     

  • All files can be infected
  • All files can exploit the vulnerability to compromise the network
  • A single anti-malware engine, next-generation firewall, sandbox, machine learning, IPS, proxy anti-malware solution alone does not provide enough protection

It is difficult to monitor and protect all data transfer channels exposed to security threats, especially for large companies with thousands of employees and contractors. Channels that transfer data such as email attachments, file uploads, and portable media carry targeted attacks to the organization's reputation, financial position, customer relationships, critical infrastructure, sensitive equipment, and the facility itself It may cause damage.



Many cyber security solutions' defenses rely on detection. Data detoxification is not dependent on detection. Assuming that all files are infected, we will rebuild content safely and efficiently. Supports more than 30 file types and outputs safe files. Data detoxification is extremely effective in preventing targeted attacks, ransomware, and other forms of known and unknown malware threats.


MetaDefender's multiscanning offers multiple anti-malware engines that provide powerful capabilities to improve detection of known and unknown threats and prevent malware outbreaks. MetaDefender customers can take advantage of more than 30 anti-malware engine signatures, heuristics, and machine learning.


The application contains vulnerabilities of different severity that can be exploited by attackers.OPSWAT binary and installer file-based vulnerability assessments detect known file vulnerabilities and application vulnerabilities before installing on endpoints including IoT devices.Supports vulnerability detection for over 1 million files and over 20,000 applications .


MetaDefender Proactive DLP (Proactive Data Loss Prevention) detects and blocks sensitive data such as credit card numbers and social security numbers in files and emails to prevent potential data breaches and compliance violations. You can MetaDefender DLP supports a wide variety of file types, including Microsoft Office and PDF.


Customers can implement industry-leading deep content disarm and reconstruction, multiscanning, and file-based vulnerability assessment by deploying MetaDefender in their environment, including the MetaDefender cloud service or air gap network.


MetaDefender のテクノロジーと機能​ ​

Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR) – Sanitize over 30 common file types, and rebuild each file ensuring maximum usability with safe content.

Multiscanning  – Scan with over 30 anti-malware engines using signatures, heuristics, and machine learning technology for the highest and earliest detection of known and unknown threats.

File-based Vulnerability Assessment  -Detect known vulnerabilities in more than 20,000 software applications using over 1 billion hashes.

Proactive Data Loss Prevention (Proactive DLP) -Content-check emails and 30+ common file types for PII b efore they are transferred.

Archive extraction-  Quickly uncompress over 30 compressed files to speed up multiscanning and improve malware detection.

File format verification- Over 4500 file formats are verified to prevent spoofing attacks.

Workflow engine-  customize security policies to process files in the most efficient and secure way for customers

ファイルとデータのエントリポイントに MetaDefenderを導入