Unwanted Applications

MetaAccess includes a CleanUp Module (formerly called AppRemover) that can detect, remediate, and clean up applications and files that cause security risks and use excessive memory. Security risks often come from Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs), which can be a backdoor for vulnerabilities. The CleanUp Module lets you build remediation features that can terminate or uninstall running software.

Automated Application Cleanup

Applications that rely on certain files and registry settings can become non-functional or unremovable if any of those files or settings are missing or corrupted. In addition, rogue applications such as browser search bars can be unintentionally installed by users seeking to download and install legitimate applications. Removing such applications can be difficult due to password protection, incomplete removal by the application's own uninstaller, or forced end user interaction. The Application CleanUp Module provides an easy way to terminate or remove these applications and clean files from your disk.

The CleanUp Module improves endpoint security and performance by automating the application cleanup process for difficult-to-uninstall applications and removing associated files not deleted by native uninstallers. Such applications can include toolbars, public file sharing applications, cloud storage software, anti-malware products, and other programs with known vulnerabilities.

The CleanUp Module removes unwanted applications such as:

  • Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) that:
    • expose sensitive endpoint information without informed consent of the user
  • Well-known vulnerable applications like:
    • Java, Adobe, browsers, and other popular Office software
  • Anti-malware applications that:
    • Stop functioning or slow system performance when any required files or settings are removed or become corrupted
    • Employ security features such as password protection to prevent automated removal   

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