SafeConnect NAC

Secure your network by gaining visibility and control

Every organization these days is faced with the ever-increasing onslaught of unknown computing devices accessing their critical network infrastructure. When it comes to network security, every employee, contractor, customer, or supplier and their devices are a potential vulnerability point.

An everyday challenge for IT managers is enforcing network access privileges and security compliance policies without impeding access by their employees, contractors and customers. These managers and their staff are also faced with the daunting task of correlating device information and user identity for things like regulatory compliance and security forensics.

The value of SafeConnect is simply this—by ensuring that the security posture of every endpoint device is monitored and enforced in real-time, the threat associated with security incidents can be reduced substantially. Don’t risk your organization’s data and reputation by exposing it – instead ensure that the security of your network, your constituents’ personal information, and your intellectual property remains intact.

Visibility. Security. Control.


The SafeConnect NAC Difference

How Does SafeConnect Standard Edition Addresses Network Security?

SafeConnect’s Standard Edition provides all the security functionality of Essentials plus additional capabilities with an End-User Captive Portal, Guest Registration, and capability for Posture Assessment to ensure Windows and MAC devices meet your acceptable use policies.