OPSWAT Certified Security Applications Program

Our program certifies endpoint security applications on compatibility, quality, efficacy of threat protection and remediation. All certified vendors receive badges to showcase that their applications are powerful, reliable, and efficient. For a list of vendors, visit https://www.opswat.com/partners/technology/opswat-certification-program

Compatibility Test

Application compatibility is important when trying to access a network. Without certified compatibility, users risk being denied access and administrators must write policy exceptions. Our certification program ensures CASB, NAC, SSL-VPN, and SSO compatibility with the top market leading access control solutions from vendors such as Palo Alto NetworksCiscoCitrix, and many others, covering over 200 million endpoints. 

False Positive Test

False positives are an important issue in any sector of security and need to be reduced. False positives can reduce customer satisfaction, create hours of work for IT administrators and prevent important files from reaching recipients.

Our certification program assesses the vendor's ability to collect suspicious data and react to false positive submissions to prevent unnecessary waste of administrator's time and resources. Vendors should verify their applications' ability to log, report, and effectively address false positives in anti-malware applications.

OPSWAT testing includes information on the type of feedback channels available to document false positive submissions and vendor reaction time to a false positive submission.

Anti-Malware Quality Test

OPSWAT has partnered with AV-TEST, AV-Comparatives, Virus Bulletin, SE Labs, SKD Labs and ICSA Labs to test the performance, protection, and usability of anti-malware applications. All OPSWAT Gold Certified applications must have high test scores from one OR more of these leading testing institutes in order to be eligible for OPSWAT Gold Badges. 

Our partnerships showcase anti-malware applications' ability to protect against emerging threats and endpoints in real time. We also provide information on performance efficiency and usability.

OPSWAT Gold Requirements

  • Protection scores higher than 5.0 
  • Performance scores higher than 4.0

  • File detection scores higher than 98.5%
  • False alarm scores lower than 10
  • Real-world protection scores higher than 96.5%

  • Vendor needs Virus Bulletin award (VB 100)
  • VB 100 RAP Score > 80.00
  • VB 100 Stability Rating higher than or equal to Stable      

  • Vendor needs to receive A or higher from SE Labs
  • Total Accuracy Rating >= 85%
  • Protection Score >= 85%

  • On Demand Testing Score >= 98.5%
  • On Access Testing Score >= 98.5%
  • False Alerts for System Files = 0
  • False Alerts for Application Files <= 2 

  • Detects malware on demand
  • Prevents virus replication
  • No false positives reported
  • Logs detection attempts

OPSWAT Certified Security Application Badges

BadgesCompatibilityFalse PositivesDetection Quality





ICSA Labs 

Virus Bulletin

SE Labs

SKD Labs







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