Free Tools

We offer a number of free tools to home users for their personal use and to IT admins to prototype OPSWAT products.

Use our free tools to prototype OPSWAT's enterprise-level products, or to protect your personal computer from advanced threats. Our industry-leading threat detection and prevention technology is available for limited free usage.

MetaDefender Client

When you suspect a device may be infected with malware, run MetaDefender Client for the most thorough free malware scan. The tool uses several unique methods to identify malware and gives you visibility into the processes your device is running:

  • Memory module anti-malware scanning using more than 30 anti-malware engines
  • Local anti-malware monitoring for suspicious repeated threats


Make sure your computer isn't compromised by using MetaAccess to find possible threats and security risks on your device. The tool is also available for mobile devices. MetaAccess helps you assess and manage the security status, performance, and privacy of your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or network, and can also map networks. MetaAccess lets you manage the security status of multiple devices at once, as it alerts you to threats and vulnerabilities on any device.

MetaDefender Chrome Extension

The MetaDefender Chrome extension (powered by MetaDefender Core) is an easy-to-use tool that lets you check any file or application for malware and known vulnerabilities after you download it. This extension analyzes files and applications using MetaDefender Cloud, which runs more than 30 anti-malware engines and has a database of millions of known vulnerabilities to ensure that your downloads are threat free. Before you run any application or open any file you've downloaded from an online source to your Mac, Android, or Windows device, scan it with MetaDefender Cloud. Fast, light, and effective, this tool gives you peace of mind when you download files from online sources.

MetaDefender Cloud

Powered by OPSWAT's MetaDefender Core, this online threat prevention platform tests for application vulnerabilities and generates sanitized versions of files through Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR). It also uses more than 30 anti-malware engines to check files for potential threats. MetaDefender Cloud analyzes for malware, known vulnerabilities, application reputations, and suspicious network connections in a few seconds, at a faster rate than other free scanners like VirusTotal.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Looking for a new source of threat intelligence? OPSWAT's Threat Intelligence Feeds provide a blacklist of malware signatures for the most prevailing and widespread threats. The feed enables you to leverage data collected from the MetaDefender Cloud community of users. MetaDefender Cloud Threat Intelligence Feeds provide:

  • The latest data for malware research and identification
  • Stronger defenses against current and new threats
  • Visibility into suspicious activities on your network

MetaDefender TeamCity Plugin

Protect your reputation by checking your TeamCity builds for malware and false positive anti-virus alerts before releasing to the public. With the MetaDefender plugin you can quickly scan your build with 30+ leading anti-malware engines, not only to detect possible malware, but also to alert you if any anti-virus engines are incorrectly flagging your software or application as malicious, potentially causing harm to your reputation.