OESIS Framework SDK

A Powerful Endpoint Security Software Development Platform

OESIS Framework is a cross-platform endpoint SDK that enables software engineers and technology vendors to develop products for securing and managing endpoints. It features a modular software architecture and can easily be integrated into any endpoint solution with minimal performance and resource consumption impact.

Compliance Model

Assess and modify the settings of applications on a given endpoint. OESIS Framework detects and classifies over 5000 applications, and it supports over 90 different types of common and application-specific remediations across all of the major operating systems. Examples include checking and enabling real-time protection, updating malware definitions for anti-malware software, checking and enabling personal firewalls, and verifying device storage encryption with OPSWAT's patented technology (U.S.9021163B1). Partnering with anti-malware and other security vendors through our application certification program allows us to provide zero-day or close to zero-day support for many leading security applications in the market. OESIS Framework can also be used by solutions to gather information from endpoints relevant to compliance with many regulatory frameworks, like HIPAA and PCI.

Vulnerability Model

Rapidly assess the vulnerability of any system or collection of endpoint devices. This module provides the ability to monitor software applications that are considered to be the most common vectors for attack and determine whether they are out of date. This module also provides the ability to initiate updates of applications that are found to be out of date. OESIS's Vulnerability Assessment Module has been optimized for speed and designed to focus on the applications that are most frequently targeted by malicious activities.

Infection Model

Designed to quickly report an indication of compromise, OESIS technology can assess a device's security state using three unique methods: memory component scanning, network connection validation, and repeated threat examination. By integrating with our MetaDefender solution, the OESIS Framework SDK can identify malware infections, including unknown or zero-day threats.

Peripheral Management Model

OESIS provides monitoring and call back features to endpoint device peripheral systems and can also block and unblock access to any USB device that connects to the endpoint system. The block/unblock feature is enabled by the use of an OPSWAT driver.

Application CleanUp

Quickly and efficiently remove applications from an endpoint. Applications like browser toolbars can be classified as Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) and removed from endpoints. The OESIS Application CleanUp Module also offers the capability to remove antivirus programs that conflict with an organizations' security policy, even if the password of the antivirus application is not known.

Supported Operating Systems And Categories

OESIS Framework gives solutions the ability to perform detailed endpoint assessment and management on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. It enables solutions to gather comprehensive contextual intelligence by providing device information and detecting and managing many different application categories like anti-malware, firewall applications, backup clients, antiphishing software, hard disk encryption, patch management program and more.

Products Powered by OESIS

Our robust cross-platform OESIS Framework SDK is enabling leading vendors like, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, F5, Citrix, and Aruba Networks, to deliver advanced endpoint security features with their solutions. There are over 200 million endpoints currently running OESIS Framework SDK libraries through our OEM customer solutions. 

F5 OESIS ScreenshotCisco OESIS ScreenshotCitrix Receiver OESIS Screenshot

Palo Alto Networks OESIS ScreenshotAruba Networks OESIS Screenshot

Getting Started

Fast, lightweight, and easy to integrate, the OESIS Framework SDK provides an easy way to leverage many of OPSWAT's technologies. And with many customization options, we can deliver the OESIS Framework SDK with the exact functionality desired, to provide a cost optimized solution.

The OESIS Framework is built around the industry-standard JSON data exchange format, creating a simple, extensible interface that provides advanced endpoint management functionality. The OESIS Framework SDK offers an unparalleled ability to detect, classify, and manage third-party applications on endpoint devices, with local and remote integration points.

  • Configurable: It is easy to configure the SDK to solve your integration requirements, allowing you to fine-tune your usage.
  • Lightweight and customizable: Packages have a minimal footprint with options to easily deploy only what you need.
  • Error reporting: Detailed error reporting enables simple investigation of issues without the need for intense debugging sessions.
  • Robust functionality and comprehensive coverage: OESIS Framework SDK supports over 5000 security applications from more than 600 vendors in 15 different categories and more than 100,000 customized implementations for product signatures.