Build your career with OPSWAT

Your job every day is to protect the world's mission-critical organizations.

At OPSWAT, we have a great job to do: protect the world’s mission-critical organizations from malware and zero-day attacks.

More than 1,000 organizations worldwide, including 98% of U.S. nuclear power facilities, rely on OPSWAT to protect their reputations, finances, employees and relationships from cyber-driven disruption.

Why choose OPSWAT?

You are trusted to do your job

At OPSWAT, you have true ownership of the job you work on – your team determines how to get the job done while the Company plays a supporting role to provide the necessary environments and resources.

You get trained and developed

OPSWAT has built comprehensive training programs with the goal of supporting employees to be successful in both their current job and future roles. We will mentor and train you to make you successful in your job.

Your voice is heard

OPSWAT encourages open and direct communications between all employees regardless of positions, roles or departments. Regular and occasional meetings provide an opportunity for staff at all levels to meet and openly discuss ideas, opinions or even concerns.

You are certified

OPSWAT has launched OPSWAT Academy, one of the world’s first professional certifications in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). Many OPSWAT employees have gained unique credits in the CIP industry thanks to privileged access to OPSWAT Academy programs.

Attract, protect and care for talent

OPSWAT is proud to be one of a few companies offering very attractive compensation and benefits which are beyond government regulations and market practices.

We implement programs and initiatives to safeguard our employees against work-related illnesses and accidents, and improve the wellness of staff, both physically and mentally.

Compensations & Benefits

• Competitive compensations
• Excellent insurance programs
• Stock options

Recognition & Rewards

• Multifaceted reward program
• Quarterly & annually reviews
• Personalizing appreciation

Work-life Balance

• Flexible-work arrangements
• Company / Team outings
• Generous PTO policies

Workplace Wellness

• Green, clean office space
• Workout exercise & sports
• Friendly work environment

The kitchen is like a Genie. Whatever we wish it materializes. The team and the vibe are irreplaceable.

David Réthalmi - Associate Software Engineer

A dynamic work environment, excellent technology and colleagues that play a role model make OPSWAT such a great place. It is very rewarding to see how your effort contributes to the success of the company and always be recognized on it.

George Chereches - Sales Engineer

We especially love our working space, with its bright, open environments contributes to our creativity and the feeling of openness at OPSWAT.

Hang Nguyen - Design Project Manager

Global offices

OPSWAT is an exciting, growing, security software company headquartered in Tampa, Florida and with offices around the world.
Diversity and inclusion, together with a strong corporate culture, are our unique characteristics which help us expand globally, yet still be united as a family for the last 18 years.

OPSWAT has been recognized as one of the
Best Companies to Work for in Asia
by HR Asia Magazine