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Making the Shoemaker walk Barefoot – the emerging hackers’ sport

November 05, 2019
Author: Amir Gil, Business & Corporate Development, OPSWAT Hackers are doing their best to hack brand name Cyber vendors and making them sweatAnd the latest victim is… Avast with the 2nd time their Popular Ccleaner tool is...

Shadow IoT: A Fine Kettle Of Fish

October 09, 2019
Author: Randy Abrams, Sr. Security Analyst, OPSWAT. We all have a fairly good idea of what IoT is. Depending upon who you talk to, IoT is the Internet of Things, the Insecurity of Things, or the Internet of Terror. If you work in an...

「情報セキュリティEXPO 春」 出展レポート

May 21, 2019
2019年5月8日(水)~10日(金)、ファイル無害化、マルチスキャン、ネットワークアクセスコントロールのリーディングカンパニーOPSWAT Inc. の日本法人OPSWAT Japan...

OPSWAT Certified Security Application, April 2019 update

April 30, 2019 by Hamid Karimi
OPSWAT Certified Security Application, April 2019 update 5 new antimalware products were certified by OPSWAT in April at Gold and Silver levels. # Certified Product Level...

OPSWAT Selected as SC Media 2019 Trust Award Finalist

January 08, 2019
OPSWAT MetaAccess Recognized as a Top Solution for Cloud Access Control OPSWAT®, a global provider of solutions that protect organizations from content and device based threats, today announced that MetaAccess® has been recognized as a...

Infographic: Secure Data Workflow - Defending the Castle

August 27, 2018 by Yiyi Miao
When dealing with highly secure networks one of the best ways to defend against threats is to isolate the network to minimize your attack surface. This isolation can come in several different forms, with an air-gapped network being...

MetaAccess Client SDK with OESIS Released for OEMs

August 13, 2018 by Jianpeng Mo
We are excited to announce the release of the MetaAccess Client SDK for OEMs. The MetaAccess Client SDK can now be used to deploy both MetaAccess and OESIS Framework with the added benefits of automatic updates, version control and...

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